Holiday Homes

Let's Escape to Marco Island

Webster’s defines holiday as “a period of exemption or relief – a day on which one is exempt from work.” For most of us, it means getting out-of-town, relaxing and having fun. Some places are more conducive to relaxation. Sun King specializes in one of these places and nobody knows “Holiday Homes” like the Sun King.

If you’re searching the internet for the perfect holiday home, you’re in the right place. We’ll give you tips for escaping the humdrum and experiencing a genuinely exceptional vacation. Join us in Florida or let us introduce you to our friends in Scottsdale, Orlando, and even Ireland.

Florida is all about holiday homes and condos. For over a hundred years now, fun-seekers worldwide have looked to Florida for unique vacations and second homes. When the northern states are under a blanket of snow, Florida is in shorts and T-shirts.

We specialize in home and condo rentals in southwest Florida and will take good care of you on your next visit. Check out these great deals for your next Marco Island vacation.

Owning a Vacation Rental

What’s better than renting a vacation home? That would be owning one, of course. Owning rental property in Marco Island, Scottsdale, Key West, or Myrtle Beach has been a fun way to invest in future for decades. Savvy people realize that they can earn a higher return on a vacation property than on an annual rental in their home towns.

The perks of owning a beach condo, golf course home or ski chalet far outweigh the hassles of ownership. These days, there are always good local companies that can help manage your investment and maximize your return.

For up-to-date investment information along with analysis of the properties that will generate the most income, contact our friends at

How Much is Enough?

Regardless of whether you intend to rent just for a holiday or invest for the long term, you’ll need to decide how much house or condo you need. Since the advent of Airbnb and short-term vacation rentals, the variety of accommodations has exploded. No longer are we restricted to hotels. Now, we can enjoy homey villas, economical condos and vast luxury penthouses if the budget allows. One of the most significant benefits of the expanding vacation rental industry has been the rental of large homes. Families now have reunions in fun places like Miami and Austin instead of Aunt Harriet’s house in Springfield (nothing against Springfield or Aunt Harriet).

Orlando / Kissimmee

Holiday house for rent
While many Floridians will go to great lengths to avoid Orlando, the appeal to northerners is undeniable. Besides the obvious draw of a plethora of theme parks, the golf is incredible, and the shopping is nearly limitless.

If the countless hotels and resorts don’t satisfy your need for a “holiday home,” vacation rentals are everywhere. Houses and condos can’t be rented by the week, month or even a long weekend. You can browse endlessly on websites like Airbnb, Expedia, VRBO and HomeAway. Besides the big vacation rental companies, many great boutique companies offer a personal touch to make your vacation memorable.

Naples / Marco Island

If you vacation in southwest Florida once, you won’t ever stay in another part of the state. The hustle-bustle of the east coast and Orlando gives way to peace and a slower pace. It’s a family-oriented atmosphere where you can feel comfortable walking down any street, any time of day.
Holiday condo rentals available
Vacation rentals are everywhere here. Travellers can enjoy holiday homes and condos from the economical to the extravagant. Need a large mansion on the beach for a wedding? We have them. Want a golf condo so your buddies can take a guy’s trip? We have those too.

Certainly, the biggest draw to the Naples/Marco Island area is the water. The beach is stunning. The water is warm and calm. Most of the houses on Marco are waterfront. You really can’t ask for a better holiday house than that. Can you?

For more information about discovering Marco Island, browse Sun King and feel free to contact us for help.