Marco Island Condo Rentals

Condos for rent on Marco Island

Marco Island is the best-kept secret in Florida. The quiet, upscale beach community consistently ranks high in travel publications and the countless five-star reviews speak for themselves. Perfectly positioned on the Gulf of Mexico. Marco is very close to Naples and relatively close to Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. Although you can have many different adventures without ever leaving the island, the potential for fun day trips is endless too.

Marco Island condo rentals are popular year-round. Staying in one is as easy as staying in a hotel, but much more economical and fun. This article will cover rental options, and give you some tips and background info you need in order to make the best choice for your
Marco Island vacation rental.

Browse a few of our featured vacation rental condos below.

Better than a Hotel

If you’re in search of the perfect vacation rental on Marco Island, consider that renting a condo on Marco Island is better than a hotel for several reasons. First of all, it is often cheaper to rent an apartment for individuals or groups of people than to rent multiple hotel rooms.

Hotels are expensive, and you can get all the luxuries of a hotel, and even more, in a condo rental. Marco Island is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Southwest Florida, despite its small size. You are better off in a vacation home, beach condo rental, waterfront condo, or even a luxury condo rental.

Beach condos for rent

Note that even non-luxury rentals on Marco Island have pools and kitchens, as well as other necessities to fit the needs of an individual, family, or couple.

Our customers report that they get much better rest and comfort at an apartment rental. Hotels can be loud and crowded. If you still want to go with one of our hotels, check out Marco Island’s hotel guide.

Beachfront Condo Rentals

Condo rentals on the beach are a great choice for a comfortable vacation in Marco Island. If you are lucky enough, you can get a condo near the beautiful white sand beaches of this tropical paradise. These condos have the best views, and so there is a high demand for them.

There are romantic condos for couples, big condos for families and friends, all with up to four bedrooms, depending on your needs. Every condo has a totally functional and modern bathroom. Also, most of these condos have a great kitchen with all the necessary equipment for making home-cooked meals.

Most condos also offer TVs with flat screens and many popular channels, as well as free Wi-Fi connections. These condos are usually beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. Some of the higher-end condos have pools, jacuzzis, patios, and backyards with grills.

Luxury Condo Rentals

Marco Island’s luxury condo rentals are fantastic. They’re in the best locations. They offer stunning  views of the Gulf and amazing amenities.

There are king-sized luxurious beds, usually two or more bedrooms, and also opulent bathrooms with everything included. Most of them have additional sofas, a huge kitchen, a washer and a dryer, patios with tables for dining and chairs.

These rentals wouldn’t be luxury if they didn’t have pools, Jacuzzis, walk-in showers, special areas for sunbathing, etc. Villa rentals are not only spacious and comfortable, but they are also all-inclusive. There are usually several big flat TVs, high-speed Wi-Fi, and maybe even some next-gen consoles.

Besides all the luxuries inside the condo, you also get a dock or a boat slip, beach chairs, access to a restaurant if the owners have one, and many additional amenities.

Waterfront Condo Rentals

Unlike most places in Florida that only offer beach front condos, we have canal-front and bayfront vacation rentals, too. Waterfront condo rentals on beautiful Marco Island usually offer the same features as a beach condo rental. Some of them are very luxurious, it all depends on your needs and your budget.

Enjoy Marco Island, Florida

Condos on the waterfront are spacious, you can have multiple bedrooms if you like – perfect for a family vacation. Also, a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen are always included. So are a flat-screen TV, a solid Wi-Fi connection, and a modern interior.

Waterfront condo rentals have some of the best views, and sometimes they even have a private pool, patio, a hot tub, or grills. In most cases, they are close to great attractions on Marco Island. If you are looking for a condo next to a stunning beach, either look for ones near
Tigertail Beach or the South Beach.

Those two are everyone’s favorites, and Tigertail Beach offers many activities both for kids and adults, including golfing courts, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and more. Nothing beats a Gulf coast beach.

Cheap Condo Rentals

Certainly, there are cheaper places in Florida than Marco Island. That doesn’t mean there aren’t options for the smaller budget. Cheap condo rentals on Marco Island are usually 1-bedroom condos or efficiencies. You can find condos that are cheap and still have your needs covered. Even the smallest condos are more than adequate for an extended stay in paradise.

Amenities include Wi-Fi, maybe a TV, an additional sofa in the living room, and overall modern décor. Of course, most of the cheap condo rentals in Marco Island are not on the beach, but the island is small. You can be on the beach in minutes from any location on the island.

Timing is helpful, too. If you can book far in advance of your vacation, you can find affordable condo rentals.  Booking early is a good idea in general if you plan on vacationing on Marco or in Naples, Florida, as the location is gaining popularity each year.

Booking a Condo

Speaking of booking advice, there are many more things to consider. However, “the early bird gets the worm” should be your guiding motto when it comes to Marco Island vacations. You should plan ahead and look for the best deals for a winter vacation.

That is the most popular time for a vacation on Marco Island, and many snowbirds can confirm this. These are people living in the north of the US who come here for vacation, avoiding harsh winters and enjoying Florida’s warm winter climate.

The population of Marco Island is only 16,000, and many of the people living here are retired. In the winter, the population grows to over 45,000 as snowbirds fly south for the winter.

You can book a condo in Marco Island through Airbnb, VRBO, or vacation rental companies like Sun King Vacation Rentals.

Marco Island Pastime Activities

Marco Island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is an oasis at the very Southwest of Florida, and a part of the Ten Thousand Islands. On the one side, there are beaches with white sand, while on the other there are breathtaking mangrove estuaries and entry points to the Everglades National Park.

You can take many different cruise trips around the island, led by experienced guides who have been doing these tours for decades. There are several prestigious golf courses for adults, but also parks and playgrounds for children. There is always something fun to do.

There are exclusive international restaurants that offer a wide selection of delicious and exquisite menus.

Condos over Hotels

Some people would disagree, but condo rentals on Marco Island are actually better than hotels. They are cheaper and more practical. Since Marco Island only has a couple of beach hotels, they tend to charge a pretty penny for their accommodations.

There is something for everyone’s taste, but all can agree that Marco Island is breathtaking and it’s worth coming back to. Take your loved ones on an unforgettable journey to a tropical getaway and enjoy your vacation like never before.