Vacation Rentals in Naples, Florida

Naples Vacation Rentals

Naples is a beautiful small city on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. As such, it has long been a tourist attraction, bringing vacationers from all across the US, and even abroad. Winter is the busy season for vacation rentals in Naples, but tourists flock to Southwest Florida year-round. Naples vacations represent some of the best values anywhere. Below are some of the best accommodation ideas for your next Naples trip. 

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Why Rent?

Typically, people opt for staying in hotels during their vacations, but more and more, travelers are choosing individually owned houses and condos. With the advent of vacation rental websites like VRBO, Airbnb, and, it has become just as easy to rent a home as it is to book a hotel room. This is why renting is a trend that’s on the rise in Florida. Not only is it as easy, but you also get a much more authentic experience than a hotel can offer.

For example, you can get a hotel-style rental condo that is significantly cheaper, yet features house cleaning and room service. Additionally, both houses and condos are more flexible when it comes to the duration of your stay. Some people even rent vacation homes in Naples for an entire year.


Many people prefer the comfort of a house that has all the necessary amenities ( including a garage). In Naples, rental homes vary from 1-bedroom small dwellings to large houses and entire villas that can house more than 15 people. These are ideal for remote weddings, friend group vacations, and similar occasions.

Home rental is a fantastic and comfortable option for spending a peaceful holiday in the beautiful city of Naples. To really get a sense of the Naples lifestyle, choose a house on the west side of US-41. You’ll be within walking distance or biking distance of the best beach in Florida. The nearby restaurants are fabulous. You’ll probably want to move to family-friendly Naples when your vacation ends.

What to do

Our beautiful beaches and clean neighborhoods draw vacationers here in search of fun, food, and friendship. Beach proximity is essential for most Florida vacationers. The other must-see destination for every Naples visitor is downtown Naples and 5th Avenue South. This collection of quaint shops and world-class restaurants is absolutely wonderful. Don’t forget to visit the Naples Pier while you’re there. It’s one of the most photographed spots on the Gulf Coast.


When it comes to comfortable accommodations, condos offer a perfect alternative to hotel stays. In general, they are significantly cheaper, while offering just as much – or even more – peace, luxury, and comfort. There are so many condominium rental options in Naples. Some are beachfront, some are waterfront, and others are inland. Naples vacation rentals can be tailored specifically to your taste.

Beachfront condos have direct access to a beach and generally offer great views. Waterfront condos don’t necessarily have access to a beach, but they still provide a magnificent view of our bays and canals. Inland condos tend to be closer to downtown Naples or on a golf course. They’re great for people who like to shop, explore museums, and more. The inland condos tend to be the most affordable option too. In Naples, the beach is never far away and virtually every condo has a private pool.

Fiddler’s Creek

Fiddler’s Creek is a planned community that has a variety of house-based rental options. From single-family residences and coaches to villas, custom residences, and large houses, the number of options is enormous, and you’re bound to find a perfect fit here. Each village within this community has its specific style, with unique features and sights. Many of the rental homes and condos overlook the golf course. At Fiddler’s Creek, you’ll experience how to feel at home while on vacation.

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Hammock Bay

If you’re into golf, the Hammock Bay community is a perfect idea for your Naples vacation. The large condominium buildings, located in Serano, Aversano, and Lesina, offer some of the best condos in the entire city of Naples. Even though the membership fees can be steep, you won’t find condominiums this affordable anywhere else in Naples.

Booking Naples Vacation Rentals

If you think vacations should be about more than staying in the hotel and ordering room service, then you should consider going with a rental house or condo in Naples. Some of the more prestigious rental options do feature all the perks that you get in hotels. Either way, the benefits of Naples vacation rentals always beat hotel stays. To book your vacation, contact Sun King Vacation Rentals today. We can be reached at (239) 970-5522.