Where is Marco Island?

Marco Island's Location and Map

Marco Island is a large barrier island found in southwest Florida, and it’s a part of the Ten Thousand Islands. It is actually the most developed island in the region. It belongs to Collier County in Florida but has its own city government.

Just like Naples, which is only 20 miles away, Marco Island has a warm, tropical climate. This region is known for having distinct dry and wet seasons, with the most rainfalls happening between June and October.

We’re about a two-hour drive from Miami, three-hours south of Tampa and four hours from Orlando.

This exotic island is surrounded by beautiful mangrove estuaries. The island’s incredible natural environment makes it perfect for adventurous exploration as well as relaxing activities. More on that will be said in the following section.

Whether your Marco Island vacation rental lasts a week or an entire season, you’ll need a few things to complete the package. Our specialty is vacation rental homes and condos but we’ll also direct you to boat rentals, car rentals, paddleboard rentals and the myriad other things you might need on vacation that are simply impractical to own or to carry down to the island.

This website will also tell you about some of the most unforgettable attractions and activities on Marco Island that bring thousands of tourists here each year. Alongside that, you’ll find other important information regarding real estate rentals on the island.

Things To Do on Beautiful Marco Island

When you rent a beachfront condo on Marco Island, you need only to walk outside to enjoy fun things to do. The Gulf Coast is famous for its white-sand beaches and the Gulf of Mexico is always calm and family-friendly. The pristine parks, luxury resorts, offer an endless selection of fun and relaxation. Our real estate rentals place you in the middle of paradise where you can partake in as much or as little activity as you desire. It’s perfection when it comes to planning the ultimate family vacation.

Add To Your Shell Collection

First of all, Marco Island, FL is known for being a region full of shells. True shell seekers will definitely enjoy taking long strolls on Marco Island’s beaches and sand bars, as they’ll come across a huge variety of shells. That includes olive shells, whelks, scallops, and hundreds of other shell types.

There are also island tour operators who organize trips by boat to specific beaches and sand bars that are covered in seashells.

Try New Sports

The Marco Island area is also known for offering great golf experiences. It has several fantastic courses. JW Marriot’s The Rookery, located a couple of miles from Marco, is one of the most famous golf courses here. It houses the Faldo Golf Institute instruction program for all golfers. Whether you’re new to golfing or an old pro, you’ll enjoy the high-quality facility here. If you need to rent equipment, golf club rentals are available here and at local Naples golf shops.

When you get tired of golfing and collecting shells, you can enjoy the rich wonderland that is Marco Island. There are several guided Jet Ski tours provided by expert water sports operators. They offer you a chance to explore the mangrove islands while providing you with information about this region’s underwater world. You can learn so much about the region’s dolphins, manatees, sea otters, wood storks, etc. Best of all, you might even see some of them.

Shop, Learn, and Explore

If you’re up for some shopping, Marco Island has many resort boutiques that offer their shopping treasures.

This island is also covered in historical markers you can visit. There are lots of museums and archaeological sites for you to see. We suggest visiting the Marco Island Historical Museum, which holds some of the ancient artifacts discovered on the island.

Adventurers can also explore the nearby wilderness by visiting some of Marco Island’s beautiful nature parks. We suggest that you put Everglades National Park, Big Cypress Preserve National Park, and Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve on your ‘Must Visit’ list. Also, don’t forget to visit the Collier Seminole State Park, as it offers opportunities for primitive canoeing, fishing, camping, boating, a mile-long walk through nature, as well as gorgeous picnic grounds.

Marco Island Vacation Rentals: Prices and Offers

In Marco Island,
vacation rentals take around 33% of occupied housing units. In other words, there are around 2,854 households that are renter-occupied in the winter, our busiest season.

House rentals in Marco Island have increased in price by 3%. Because of the increase, the average rent in Marco Island is now $1,465 per week. This includes both house rentals and condo rentals.

Generally speaking, properties in this exotic region are luxurious and attract discerning vacationers. Taking that into consideration, as well as everything else that the island has to offer, vacationing here is quite special.

However, there’s no reason to worry. Marco Island is much more flexible when it comes to renting if you have time to browse through the available properties. There’s a variety of offers for you to choose from, so you can find a perfect match even if you are on a budget. Your hunt for real estate rentals might last longer, but it will be worth it. If you’d like us to pair you with the ideal vacation property, contact us. We’d love to help.

House rentals are perfect for families or larger groups that want to enjoy their holidays together. You can find amazing rental houses for a decent price. Some of those offers even include jacuzzis and pools.

There are also lots of decent condo rentals available for a lower price. As a matter of fact, you can find great deals that go below $100 per night.

Getting to Marco Island From Nearby Cities

Naples is the nearest city to Marco Island. Only 20 miles separate these locations, so if you’re in Naples, driving to Marco Island won’t take long.

If you’re driving from Naples, FL, the easiest route that you can take is the US-41 to Collier Boulevard route. Collier Boulevard will take you directly to Marco Island, and getting around on the island is quick and easy. We often say that “if it takes longer than ten minutes to get to your destination, your bike has a flat tire.”

If you’re in Miami, the US-41 is still your best route. It will take you to San Marco Road and across Goodland Bay. After that, you’ll pass by the fishing village of Goodland, and Marco Island will come into view.

The Cape Coral is also not too far from Marco Island. If you’re driving from Cape Coral, it will take you about 45 minutes to get to the island. In this case, you can follow any route to I-75S. That will then take you to Collier Boulevard and finally into Marco Island. Aim for Exit 101.

Getting To Marco Island From Nearby Airports

Southwest Florida International Airport, located in Fort Myers is the closest commercial airport to Marco Island. If you take the I-75S to Collier Boulevard, you should arrive at Marco Island in about 50 minutes. We recommend Fort Myers Airport if you’re not flying private. It’s close and easy to navigate.

The Naples Municipal Airport is close but very limited in its usefulness unless you’re flying private. As we’ve already mentioned, Naples is the closest city to Marco Island. Simply take the US-41 to Collier Boulevard and you should arrive at Marco Island within 30 minutes. Unfortunately, none of the large commercial airlines operates here – not even their commuter partners fly to Naples or Marco Island.

If you’re using the Miami International Airport, take the FL-836W to US-41. That will take you to San Marco Road, which then goes to the east side of this island. Without traffic, you are looking at around two hours of driving. We discourage you from flying into MIA, however. It’s hectic. Signage is lacking. And traffic in the vicinity is absolutely crazy.

Finally, the fourth closest airport to Marco Island is the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. From there, you should take the I-595W and then the I-75N, also known as Alligator Alley. The I-75N will take you to Collier Boulevard, which will then lead you directly to Marco Island. Coming from the east coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a much better option than Miami International. You can get on the interstate quickly and be here in less than two hours. There is one toll to cross Alligator Alley. It’s $3.00.

Should You Take a Taxi To Marco Island?

Taxi fares, Uber and Lyft aren’t exactly cheap from any of the commercial airports, but they may be more convenient than a shuttle van. UberX will cost around $70 from the Southwest Florida International Airport located in Fort Myers.

Enjoy Your Vacation On Marco Island

Marco Island is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy comfort, luxury, and an outstanding experience. Not many people know about the island, which makes it the perfect little getaway.

You can find affordable condo rentals as well as vacation home rentals if you take the time to search. Marco Island has so much to offer. Like most, you’ll find yourself returning year after year.