Marco Island Boat Rental

Renting a Boat on Marco Island, Florida

Marco Island is a land of surprises. Not only is this exotic destination excellent for relaxing, but it also offers exciting options for adventurers and even daredevils. In other words, there’s something for every traveler who chooses a Marco Island escape.

However, if you want to experience Marco Island and all of its treasures to the fullest, you should definitely consider renting a sailboat, yacht, or pontoon boat. Besides renting a boat, you can organize boat tours to explore the wonderful Gulf of Mexico and dozens of nearby beaches.

But where should you start? This article will be your guide for boat rentals and other water activities on Marco Island.

Boating Around Marco Island

There are many things to see and discover both on your Marco Island vacation – just one vacation here usually isn’t enough. But there are certain activities and attractions that you shouldn’t miss no matter how long you are staying.

Whether you want to rent a boat or take a boat tour, these are the options you should keep in mind.

Cape Romano Dome House

The Cape Romano Dome House is one of the most popular attractions that thousands of vacationers choose to visit each year. It consists of six dome-shaped buildings that were constructed way back in 1980.

The buildings are truly a sight worth seeing, as they rise from the sea. They have survived multiple storms, including Hurricane Wilma.

The Cape Romano Dome House was constructed by an oil producer on Morgan Island. Due to consecutive erosions, these buildings have moved to Cape Romano, which is near Marco Island.

Village of Goodland

The Village of Goodland offers opportunities for fun and good fishing.

This village is located at the eastern end of Marco Island. You can expect to encounter lots of outdoor parties, drinking establishments, luxurious restaurants, etc.

Our advice is to aim at visiting the Village of Goodland during its Spammy Jammy festival. That’s when people dress in their PJs and create sculptures that worship the hurricane gods. It goes without saying that huge parties follow this festival.

If you like fishing, you can find experienced captains that will navigate you to Goodland’s backwaters and help you find fish. The Village of Goodland is packed with unforgettable things to do.

Keeywadin Island

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to discover islands and sail without seeing a coast anywhere near, then taking a boat to Keeywadin Island is an ideal opportunity to find out.

Keeywadin Island is only accessible by boat, and you’ll have a unique beach experience once you get there. Depending on where you anchor, the island can provide you with whatever kind of beach day you crave. You can find a private beach resort on one side of the island and an incredible beach party on another.

Keeywadin Island is also ideal for shell hunters. Its coasts are full of different shell species. The sea is crystal clear, so you’ll be able to enjoy swimming and exploring the depths.

It’s easier to take an organized tour to Keeywadin Island, but it’s definitely more fun to try houseboat rental services and sail with a boat you’ve rented. We’ll cover the companies that offer houseboat rentals and yacht rental, sailboat rental, and other services in the following sections.

Where Should You Rent a Boat on Marco Island?

Those are the top destinations that boat lovers shouldn’t miss while vacationing on Marco Island. But where should they rent their boats? Which are the top boat rental companies in Marco Island?

We’ll start with the Southwest Florida Boat Club. Although it’s more of a boat club than a boat rental company, consider it a great option if you’re spending much time here.

Southwest Florida Boat Club

The Southwest Florida Boat Club has incredible boat offers for its members. There are currently 20 available boats for members to choose from.

There are center console, dual console, and pontoon boats. Members can choose the boat type and size. Some of the offers include:

Bennington Pontoons (23-25 feet)

Hurricane Sun Deck Dual Console (21 feet)

Hurricane Fun Deck (20 feet)

Sea Hunt Center Console (22-23 feet)

This boat club’s members also have access to jet skis, yachts, and smaller deck boats.

Rose Marina Boat Rental

The Rose Marina rental company offers a wide range of services, including:

Boat storage

Hurricane storage

Service center

Island Coastal Outfitters

Docks and fuel

…and of course

Boat rental

This boat rental company offers 7-passenger, 10-passenger, 12-passenger pontoon boats, 6-passenger deck boats, and 6-passenger offshore boats.

Walker’s Hideaway Boat Rental

The Walker’s Hideaway Boat Rental is a full-service marina. They offer a full line of rental boats which you can rent for a half or full day of fun on the water.

They have a professional staff that will help you with anything you need. Recently, Walker’s Hideaway Boat Rental has added the 2019 Cobia dual and center-console boats to their arsenal.

Hideaway Marina also offers fishing gear, clothing, ice, bat, and even beer.

If you’ll need weekly boat rental services, they might be the company to call.

Calusa Island Boat Rental

Whether you want to cruise near Marco Island or explore distant beaches with your family, the Calusa Island Boat Rental company has a boat for you.

You can rent their boats for half a day, a full day, or even several days. They mostly offer pontoons, but you’ll be able to find Ebbtide, Sundance, Frontier, and other boat types in their docks.

Take Organized Boat Tours

If you don’t have the experience necessary to be the captain of a rental boat, it’s best to take an organized boat tour.

You’ll be able to find different boat tours almost anywhere you look on Marco Island. Some of those tours even offer Hobie Cat rental services. Vacationers have also had wonderful experiences with Craigcat rentals so that you can consider those boats as well.

The organized boat tours we would like to recommend include:

Ten Thousand Islands Adventure Boat Tour

Marco Island Dolphin-Watching Tour

Ten Thousand Island Jet Ski Eco-Tour

Backwater Craigcat Adventure

Breakwater Adventures

Enjoy Your Boating Experience in Marco Island

Whether you want to rent a boat or take a boat tour, fun is always guaranteed. And Marco Island is a perfect destination for great boating experiences.

We’ve shown you the best companies for boat rentals, as well as some of the attractions you cannot miss. Now, you’re ready to start planning your next island adventure. If you’d like a little help, feel free to contact us at Sun King Vacation Rentals.

Pontoon Boat Rental

Marco Island is an ideal getaway for all boat lovers. Not only are the waters of the Gulf of Mexico beautiful and rich with underwater life, but the landscapes surrounding them are breathtaking as well. Your family will never forget their visit to Keewaydin Island or Cape Romano. A day of fishing the Ten Thousand Islands is not only fun but productive as well. When you’re finished, just take your catch over to Cocomo’s or Crazy Flamingo and have them grill it up for you.

Renting a pontoon boat is safe and fun. On Marco Island, it’s convenient as well. There are several companies that make renting easy. The boats are easy to operate too.

There are several must-see attractions that are only accessible by boat, which will make your adventure even more exciting. And what better boat to choose than a pontoon?

There are a plethora of boat rental companies in Marco Island that offer you their services. One of them is Walker’s Hideaway.

Walker’s Hideaway Marina

Located off Naples bay resort and strategically placed near Gordon River, this marina is excellent for all Marco Island visitors who want to rent a pontoon boat.

The Walker’s Hideaway is only about 5 minutes away from the very heart of Naples, and just a quick boat ride from the Gulf of Mexico. With that in mind, if you sail off from their docks, you’ll be close to all of the main attractions that Marco Island has to offer.

This full-service marina has a large fleet of boats. Regardless if you’re looking for a smaller pontoon boat or a yacht that your family will enjoy, the Walker’s Hideaway marina will have an offer for you.

They have an indoor storage facility with a capacity of around 600 boats. On top of that, they have ethanol-free fuel pumps, forklifts, in-water slips with water supply, etc.

Each year, thousands of boating enthusiasts gather in the Walker’s Hideaway to discuss new boats, catch up, and have a good time. Their company offers fishing gear, clothing, boat equipment, and even food and beverages.

Rose Marina

The Rose Marina pontoon boat rental company is perfect, even for beginners. They are known for their knowledgeable and friendly staff that will give you all the advice you need. Feel free to ask them anything, including directions to a specific destination around Marco Island.

This marina’s services include the following:

Boat rental

Boat storage

Docks and fuel

Island coastal outfitters

Services center

Hurricane storage

They have a huge variety of boats that will satisfy all of your needs. You can choose between powerboats from 19 to 25 ft, pontoons, deck boats, bowriders, and center-console boats. Renting a pontoon boat on Marco is really one of our favorite things to do.

You can rent Rose Marina boats for a full day, half a day, or several days on the sea. Their current rental boat rates are shown below.


Pontoon Boat (7 passengers): $205 – $285

Pontoon Boat (10 passengers): $225 – $310

Pontoon Boat (12 passengers): $245- $335

Deck Boat (6 passengers): $240 – $360

Offshore Boat (6 passengers): $300 – $460

All of the boats offered by Rose Marina are equipped with U.S.C.G. safety equipment. If you decide to use their services, you’ll also receive a waterproof chart of the area. You can use this to easily find the beaches, resorts, and attractions that you want to explore on and around Marco Island.

Marco Island Pontoon Boat Adventures

There are many things to explore and see around Marco Island, renting a pontoon boat will make your Marco Island vacation even more memorable.

The boat rental companies that we’ve presented in this article are reliable and offer high-quality services. They can definitely make your Marco Island adventure more enjoyable.

You now have enough information regarding boat rentals to begin your dream vacation. Try and visit as many of Marco Island’s treasures as you can. Finding time to explore everything will be the toughest challenge of all.