Marco Island Golf Cart Rental

Rent a Golf Cart on Marco Island

The gulf coast of Florida is renowned for golf courses and clubs, so you’d think it only natural to see plenty of golf carts running around town. Only recently though have golf carts become street legal here. Marco Island golf cart rentals make getting around the island and from your vacation rental to the beach fun and easy.

Golf carts are really small SUVs and are useful for lots of things other than hauling golf clubs around. They are compact, have a capacity for up to 8 people, and are a perfect way to get around town. Parking lots on Marco can be a little tight. Golf carts allow you to get into spaces that full-size cars have to bypass.

If you’re concerned about the safety of a golf cart on island streets, you’re not alone. However, the traffic on Marco Island is relatively slow making accidents easier to avoid. Even with our large tourist population accidents are rare and usually very minor.

Cruising the Island – Golf Cart Style

With a golf cart, you and your companions can quickly get acquainted with all corners of the island. It one of the plethora of fun things to do on Marco Island. You can cruise around the big condominiums down South Collier Boulevard or stop for a drink at the lively Esplanade Shoppes or The Snook Inn.

If your vacation house is further from the beachfront, you can easily pack in your whole family and make your way to the beach in no time. It will only take you around 10 minutes to reach the public beach from the furthest property rentals on the opposite side of the island.

A golf cart is not only convenient during the day, but it’s also the best way to experience the island’s nightlife. Gather your friends for a pub crawl night. Start at the Salty Dog and move northwards to the Dolphin Tiki and the Esplanade. Just remember to grab a designated driver.

Affordable Golf Cart Rental on Marco Island

There are two reliable golf cart rental places in the area. Rock Rentals offers carts with up to 6-seats by the day, week, or month. Of course, there’s a comparative saving as you go up in the rental period. A 24-hour rental is around $175, but it’s only $500 for the week, which breaks down to $71 a day.

Rock rental on the island offers more than just golf cart rentals. Instead of just renting a vehicle, you can also book a tour around the town with a local tour guide. The driver can take you on a comfortable 2-hour cruise around our tropical island town and introduce you to its culture and history.

Also, the service organizes day and evening pub crawl activities. They will supply the designated driver that will take you to the most popular pubs in the area, and you can relax and fully indulge in the energy of the island.

Beach Bugz is the other place for golf cart rentals. It’s located in Naples and offers affordable carts. The prices are a bit higher than on Marco Island, but you can have the cart delivered and picked up, which is free of charge if you rent for at least three days ($325). It’s a great alternative if they run out of golf carts on the island.

The Local Laws, Rules and Regulations

To operate a golf cart, you need to be at least 21 and own a valid driver’s license. Also, you should have a credit card as all payments are handled online.

These carts are street legal and you can take a ride up north to visit the tropical wildlife area between the island and Naples. You can also stop by country clubs such as the Hammock Bay and the Fiddler’s Creek along the way.

Also, keep in mind that the speed limit for Rock Rentals is 35mph.

Convenient and Fun

Nothing screams tropical island like cruising in a golf cart next to tall palm trees and impressive luxury condos facing aquamarine beaches. Gather your family or friends (or both) in a 6-seater or 8-seater cart and go on a cruise to remember. Alternatively, book a tour around the island or go bar hopping if you’d rather take your eyes off the road. For more information about renting a golf cart on beautiful Marco Island, give your friends at Sun King Vacation Rentals a call today.