Chipotle in Naples

Consistent Quality

Fresh Mexican Food

Chipotle has established itself as the fresher and perhaps healthier version of Taco Bell. You can get burritos and bowls fast. All the ingredients are cooked in plain view of the customer.

The Menu

menu at Chipotle is simple. It’s basic. You can build either a burrito, a bowl, or tacos from a selection of meats, salsas and other toppings. Grilled chicken and steak are available along with pulled pork (carnitas) and a spicy vegan tofu mixture called Sofritas. The toppings include three salsas that vary in spiciness. You can also choose goodies like cheese, guacamole, and sour cream.


Unlike Taco Bell and most other fast-food restaurants, you can order a beer at Chipotle. A good selection of Mexican and American brands are available.

The Sun King’s Review of Chipotle

You better have a good reason if you want to get the Sun King to leave Marco Island. Chipotle qualifies as one of those reasons. The Sun King loves a Chipotle bowl made with grilled chicken or carnitas. The guacamole is so consistently fresh and tasty. The chips are light and crunchy. When it comes to fast food, it’s hard to find anything that is as fresh and good as Chipotle.

Unfortunately, Marco Island doesn’t have a Chipotle, but the one on Collier is only ten minutes away. There are two other locations in Naples as well. They’re all good. Grab some on your way to the airport.


More Reviews and Directions

The closest Chipotle to Marco Island is located on Restaurant Row in South Naples. You’ll find it near the intersection of Collier Blvd and Tamiami Trail near Lowe’s and Publix.