Cold Stone Creamery

We All Scream for...

Why the “Cold Stone?”

The stone slab at Cold Stone Creamery is where the magic happens. On the refrigerated stone, the ice cream scooper kid will throw a sizable blob of ice cream. Into it, he will push your favorite toppings. Using muscles, gravity and two metal utensils that can only be described as shovels, your chosen fruit, nut or candy will be blended into your favorite flavor of homemade ice cream.

Homemade Ice Cream

Unlike other
ice cream shops on Marco Island, Cold Stone Creamery makes their own ice cream right in the shop. It isn’t shipped in from some factory on the other side of the country. It’s made on Marco Island. It looks like it is too. It has a soft creamy appearance that factory ice cream just can’t have.

Ice Cream Cakes

Besides the usual ice cream treats, Cold Stone makes ice cream cakes too. These things are fantastic masterpieces of ice cream art. If you know of someone having a birthday or other special occasion, pick up an ice cream cake – always a winner.


If you have allergies, lactose sensitivity, or issues with gluten, the Cold Stone Creamery can accommodate you. They also offer fat-free ice cream for those of you that don’t understand ice cream.

The Sun King’s Review of Cold Stone Creamery

The Sun King loves ice cream. Beebe’s and Sweet Annie’s are incredible, but the Sun King’s favorite, hands down, is Cold Stone Creamery. His favorite flavor is “Sweet Cream” with a peanut butter cup mixed into it. He always orders a small – too much of a good thing, ya know. After dinner at one of the great
restaurants in the Esplanade, grab a scoop or a cone and stroll by the Marina.

The Sun King knows vacations and he knows a vacation isn’t complete without a little ice cream.

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