Dunkin' Donuts

Donuts on Marco Island

Famous Coffee

You know and probably love Dunkin’ Donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts is a national fast-food chain specializing in coffee, doughnuts, quick bites, and snacks. Located in the Marco Town Center Mall, the restaurant is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. but stays open an extra three hours on Wednesday for some reason. 

It seems like Dunkin’ is always beating Starbucks in the coffee wars. They must be doing something right.

No Drive-thru

Grabbing a doughnut and coffee on the run is typical, but there are a few indoor and outdoor seating options for those who aren’t in a rush. Unfortunately, the Marco Island Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t have a drive-thru. The Starbucks does though.

The Menu

The standard menu is consistent with nearly every other location across the country. Ordering through the mobile app can save a few minutes during busy periods. Marco Island has plenty of mom-and-pop coffee shops but sticking with a familiar shop might be the way to go.

The Sun King’s Review of Dunkin’ Donuts

Who doesn’t like a donut? Dunkin’ certainly has the best donuts on the island. That’s not saying much. The doughnut competition on Marco is pretty light. It’s like when the Sun Queen tells the Sun King that he is the most handsome king on Marco Island. Ouch. Seriously, the service here has ruffled the feathers of more than a few patrons. 

As for the coffee that has garnered so many rave reviews in national competitions, the Sun King can’t comment. He doesn’t drink the stuff. He’s a tea drinker – pinky finger out in case you were wondering.

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