Fin Bistro

Select Seafood on Marco Island

Incredible Seafood

Fin Bistro is a family-owned and operated upscale seafood restaurant that serves only catches of the day. The amazing seafood restaurant serves dinner as of 5:30 p.m. and closes on Sunday and Monday, when it is impossible for fresh fish to be delivered. The menu is subject to change based on availability and seasonality.

The restaurant has a “beach casual” dress code and strives to offer an upscale dining experience in a “playful and unpretentious environment.”

Guests can start their dining experience with a signature cocktail featuring only top-shelf liquor.


The dinner menu includes a wide variety of choices ranging from fin fish, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, lobster, and much more. Beef options are available to offer a more diverse menu, including a wagyu burger or steak. No good meal is complete without dessert and the restaurant doesn’t disappoint with options including a dark chocolate truffle cake.

Wine List or Bring Your Own

Fin Bistro offers an extensive wine selection but diners can bring their own bottle for a corkage fee of $35 (750 ml) if the bottle is not included in the wine list. If the bottle is included in their wine list, the restaurant will charge guests 50% of the cost of the wine.


Fin Bistro is located on the South End of Marco Island, on Collier Blvd. It’s directly across from the newly expanded Crystal Shores and only minutes from any beach condo rental. It became so popular when it opened a few years ago that they had to move to a bigger building.


The menu at Fin Bistro is creative and thoughtful. The lobster, snapper, shrimp and other seafood offerings are second-to-none. They haven’t forgotten the non-seafood people, though. Their steak, chicken, pork chop and burger are made with the same care they put into the delicate Key West Swordfish. The menu will make your mouth water.

The Sun King’s Review of Fin Bistro

Fin Bistro is one of the Sun King’s favorite restaurants anywhere, not just on Marco Island. When you want to celebrate a special occasion or just experience a culinary masterpiece, Fin Bistro is where you go. The Sun King is an expert at Marco Island vacation properties and sees his gastronomical counterpart at Fin Bistro. Let’s dub him (or her) the Fish King (Queen).

While the Sun King hasn’t had every item on the menu, he’s tried enough of them to confidently say, “it’s all good.” Tell the Sun King about your experience. He loves to review your reviews.

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