Mexican Food on Marco Island

Authentic Mexican

Chef and owner Ismael Perez hails from Monterrey, Mexico and started his culinary career as a Sous-chef at a high-end restaurant called Konrad’s which is now closed. In 2005 Ismael and his wife opened Margarita’s with the purpose of offering an authentic Mexican dining experience. The decor includes artwork imported from little villages surrounding Guadalajara.

Margarita’s dedication to authentic Mexican cuisine is evident when guests sit down at a table and are offered homemade chips and two homemade salsas. All of the meats are slow-cooked for many hours to ensure perfection. The restaurant also prides itself on never offering items made with canned beans and guacamole is made with only fresh ripe ingredients.

Vegetarian Food on Marco Island

Vegetarians have many options to choose from and the restaurant offers a children’s menu.

Happy Hour

Of course, no Mexican dining experience is complete without a tasty beverage. As the name suggests, the restaurant offers an extensive line of high premium tequilas to prepare its Margaritas served in handmade pottery. Happy Hour specials are offered daily from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Live music schedule can be found on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Mexican Desserts

Dessert options are just as authentic to Mexican cuisine, including fried homemade vanilla bean ice cream and traditional Mexican pastries.

The Sun King’s Review of Margarita’s

While the Sun King has friends that claim to have enjoyed Margarita’s, he finds this dubious. If you just want to drink, maybe it’s alright. But there’s better Mexican food on Marco. Try Nacho Mama’s.

If restaurant reviews were like baseball, Margarita’s would have no balls and two strikes. If the Sun King’s third visit goes like the first two, it’s three strikes – you’re OUT! Come on, Margarita’s! Food should be digestible at the very least, right?

If you think the Sun King’s review doesn’t reflect your experience, let us know. If you agree with his review, let us know that too.

Margarita’s Reviews and Directions