Our Panera Bread?

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Stonewalls promises to offer guests “Fine Food Fast” at a reasonable price with enough options on the menu to please everyone. The restaurant is a family-owned and operated joint that opens daily from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Guests place their order at the counter and take a seat in the dining area or outside. The staff are always eager to explain daily specials or offer suggestions. In a general sense, Stonewalls is probably most similar to a Panera Bread restaurant. They are most known for breakfast and lunch.

The Menu

Breakfast choices consist of classic diner options, including “Sweet Mama” pancakes with a choice of meat, create-your-own flatbreads, and omelets. No breakfast is complete without coffee and Stonewalls serves Lavazza-branded drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and lattes.

The lunch and dinner 
menus includes many sandwiches and salad choices, Hot Dogs, Homemade Pizza, and Giant Baked Potatoes, and much more. The restaurant is known for its signature gourmet flatbreads, such as pulled pork, Buffalo Chicken, and Margherita flatbreads.

Dinner specials rotate daily and the restaurant serves a variety of beer and wines. Stonewalls’ chefs are constantly working on creating new food items to continuously impress guests.

The Sun King’s Review of Stonewalls

The Sun King gives two thumbs up to Stonewalls. The breakfast is always good. Lunch is always good. For breakfast, the Sun King usually snarfs a Big Stonewaller which consists of three eggs, meat, and seasoned potatoes. It’s a great way to start a long day of Kinging.

For lunch, the Sun King might split a flatbread with the Sun Queen. They’re tasty.

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