Fresh sandwiches

Sandwich Artists on Marco Island

International fast-food chain Subway is famous for its custom order sandwiches that can be served hot or cold. There are two Subway franchises in Marco Island, the first in Island Plaza and the second in Shops of Marco. Both locations are open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Beach Food

Subway is the perfect choice for grabbing lunch on the go. If you’re heading to the beach or out on the boat, stop in and grab a few foot-long subs for the day. Everybody loves a hoagie on the beach, right? 

The Menu

Subway isn’t just all about subs. Their menu now offers other options like soups, wraps, salads, and even breakfast. If you are watching calories or just don’t want that big hoagie roll, Subway locations in Marco Island offers four “Sliders” choices for $1.89 each. Grab a variety of these for your next pool party.


Marco Island is known for multiple family-owned restaurants and “tourist prices.” Opting for a familiar chain, especially one that offers reward and loyalty points for each visit is a great way to control your food budget while you’re on vacations here.

The Sun King’s Review of Subway

The Sun King eats here all the time. Not only is one of the two locations directly across the street from the Sun King’s office, but the sandwiches are always perfect. The Sandwich Artists here are very friendly and take pride in making good subs. 

For the Sun King, it’s usually going to be a turkey sub with almost everything on it. Years ago the King battled with a serious meatball sub addiction. Thankfully, he has recovered and enjoys meatballs in moderation only.

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