Parasailing on Marco Island

Get a Pelican's View of Marco

Parasailing is an exhilarating way to spend a morning, afternoon, or even an entire day. You get to sail above the water with a panoramic view of the ocean that few get to experience. It is relaxing, exciting, and for many a once in a lifetime experience. Here is some information about parasailing on Marco Island.

What You Should Know About Parasailing on Marco Island

Parasailing on Marco Island offers some of the best ocean views in all of Florida. The views of the islands and wildlife are unmatched.

While parasailing excursions typically go off without a hitch, they can still be considered a dangerous activity. Safety is the number one priority of parasailing tour guides. You’ll be sailing 500 feet above the water, so the safety and reliability of equipment are paramount. Age limits vary among individual companies, but all participants over 18 years old must sign a participation waiver in case of an accident. For participants under 16, a parent must sign for them.

Couple parasailing on Marco IslandThere are also weight restrictions. Most safety equipment is only guaranteed to hold up to a certain threshold, so you’ll want to check the weight restrictions of your guide company on Marco Island.

The cost of parasailing on Marco Island will depend on the individual company. The price can vary widely from $100 to several hundred dollars depending on the duration of the trip and what is included in the excursion. Many companies occasionally offer deals on Groupon, so do your research before booking the trip.

Lastly, the weather on Marco Island will dictate the parasailing experience. Sunny with low winds is the ideal weather forecast. If there is bad weather rolling in, choppy waters may make the experience unsafe. Check the weather forecast, and be sure to check in with your guide ahead of the tour.

Best Parasailing Tour Companies on Marco Island

Marco Island is home to several tour companies that offer a variety of experiences. Some are family-run, and some are large companies that offer parasailing as one of several outdoor excursions.

Sky’s the Limit Parasailing

Located near the Marriott, Sky’s the Limit has over 20 years of parasailing experience. They offer a range of tours to accommodate different preferences and schedules and are very highly rated among tourists.

Marco Island Water Sports

Marco Island Water Sports offers a wide variety of parasailing experiences, from private tours to company excursions. They are locally operated and provide other water adventures such as jet skiing and banana boat rides.

Whether you’ve parasailed dozens of times or are a first-time adventurer, parasailing in Marco Island is the perfect way to get out of your vacation rental and enjoy an afternoon on the island.