2-Bedroom Vacation Rentals

2-Bedrooms are a Great Value

On Marco Island, 2-bedroom vacation rentals are the most common, at least in terms of condos. They have enough living area to stay comfortable even for longer vacations. If you spend all season here, you have room to entertain some visitors. They’re great for couples and families.

Don’t delay booking your vacation rental. While it may seem like there is an endless inventory of 2-bedroom rental properties, they get pretty scarce as reservations pour in leading into the busy season.

In case you don’t know, Marco Island is a beautiful Southwest Florida island community. It’s known for great views of the Gulf of Mexico, excellent food and its safe, clean, family-friendly environment. While the climate on Marco Island is pleasant in all but August and September when the humidity climbs, it gets heavenly between October and April. That’s why our peak season in the winter. Snowbirds flock here from the frigid north to enjoy springtime temperatures all winter long. Let Sun King help you find the best “headquarters” for your Marco Island stay.

2-Bedroom Vacation Rentals

Of course, 1-bedroom condo rentals can be very economical, even on Marco Island. However, if there are more than two of you, one-bedroom condos and efficiencies get tight. If you’re travelling in a group of 4 people or more, a 1-bedroom is not going to work.

Three-bedroom condos on Marco Island are somewhat rare on the rental market. The law of supply and demand comes into effect, and they tend to demand a premium. If you need three bedrooms or more, browse our rental home inventory too.

Marco Island 2-bedroom vacation rentals suit the vast majority of couples that spend the entire winter on our beach. They are also perfect for families that vacation here during the summer and when the kids aren’t in school. (If you’re planning a trip for less than thirty days, check out our weekly rentals.) Two-bedroom condos usually sleep 4-6 people and include a pull-out sofa. They offer full kitchens, spacious living rooms, and often ocean views and hot tubs. This is why 2-bedrooms are the most popular choice in people visiting Marco Island on vacation.

Any Price Range

The variety of 2-bedroom vacation rentals on Marco Island means there is a wide range of prices to suit any budget. On the lower end, we recommend condos located in Angler’s Cove and Steven’s Landing. In the mid-range, South Seas Towers and Sunset House are popular on the beach. Affordable waterfront condos include Eagle Cay and South Seas North. Popular luxury 2-bedroom rentals are available in Hideaway Beach and Cape Marco.

Beach Condos

When it comes to demand, beach or beachfront condos tend to be the most popular choice. Although downtown Marco Island is always nearby, fun events, parties, and good times happen on the beachfront. This is a regular thing for any seaside vacation destination. However, the price of a 2-bedroom vacation rental heavily depends on the view from the balcony or window.

It seems like most Marco Island vacationers want to have a great view of the Gulf. Condo rentals on the beach or on the southern shore of the island can get pricey. Contact Sun King for help in locating the best deals on the beach.

Waterfront Condos

Waterfront condos tend to have a great view of Marco’s famous canals and bays, but don’t necessarily have the easiest access to the beach. Renting a 2-bedroom waterfront condo is sometimes a cheaper alternative to going with a beachfront condo. More often though, waterfront condos are chosen for the atmosphere. The serene canals on Marco Island offer a tranquil vibe that the beach doesn’t.

Some waterfront condo rentals on Marco can serve the family that wants the best of both worlds. Many of our waterfront condos are located within walking distance of the beach. They have easy access to the Gulf of Mexico by boat but also offer proximity to the beach. Browse condos located on the south end of Marco if you want it all!

Inland Condos

Inland condos are the cheapest option for Marco Island vacation rentals because they offer no beach view or access. Besides the obvious benefit of being more affordable, inland condos tend to have better access to downtown Marco Island. So, if you need to be within walking distance to the city center and want to save some money, consider renting a 2-bedroom inland condo.

Is a 2-Bedroom Vacation Rental For You

When it comes to sleeping space, unless you need to cram seven or more people into a condo, 2-bedroom rentals are an excellent choice. So, find the perfect condo rental for you and your family, and have a great stay on Marco Island with Sun King Vacation Rentals!