1-Bedroom Vacation Rentals

Condos for Couples and Small Groups

Marco Island is an island city in Florida, fantastic for vacations throughout the year. Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, it offers gorgeous beaches, interesting adventures, and fantastic accommodations. If you’re travelling solo or with one other person, opting for one of our 1-bedroom rentals can be a great idea. For a Marco Island

vacation rental to suit any size family, call Sun King Vacation Rentals today.

Why Go with 1-Bedroom Vacation Rentals?

Marco Island boasts gorgeous weather and low-temperature fluctuations throughout the year, so the focus here is rarely on staying indoors. Even if you are a digital nomad who plans to stay on this beautiful island for an entire year, you won’t regret renting 1-bedroom accommodation here. In fact, it may push you to go out more. We live outside on Marco. If one bedroom isn’t enough, browse our two-bedroom condos.
1-BR condo for rent
The winter is the peak season on the island and this is when you’ll get to experience every activity that Marco Island has to offer. Even if you choose to visit during the summer, our rainy season, the temperatures will still be very comfortable. A rainy day in southwest Florida is still sunny most of the time. Summer thunderstorms usually are strong but brief.

Better than a Hotel

You probably wouldn’t book a hotel for an extended stay. While hotels do come with their own perks, they are much, much more expensive than finding a rental apartment in Marco Island.

What do you get with a hotel? Well, a room of the roughly same size that you would get with a rental (in fact, many hotel rooms are smaller than that) and room service, a minifridge, and housekeeping.

Our 1-bedroom rentals, on the other hand, are economical and very comfortable, and many 1-bedroom apartments that you can rent come with enough space for your entire family. All you need to do is get some foldable and inflatable sleeping mats, and you’ve got yourself a family stay for far less than you’d pay in any hotel.

With services like UberEats and the like, 1-bedroom rentals actually come with room service and housekeeping, so if that’s important to you, don’t discard the option out of hand.

Where to Stay?

Marco Island has a wide variety of vacation home options. Although the island itself is small, it is a widely-known hit with tourists. During the peak season, which is the winter, it may prove impossible to book your ideal vacation residence. So it is highly recommended that you book your stay earlier, as many families have taken up Marco Island as their go-to winter vacation spot. Many even book their stay a whole year in advance. Marco Island and Naples FL combined offer endless choices.

Sun King Vacation Rentals is always acquiring new listings. With a little luck, we can find you a perfect one-bedroom vacation rental in the peak season.

Most condos on Marco have two bedrooms. You’ll find 1-bedroom condo rentals in the following developments.

Riverside Condos

Riverside Club is a condominium community on the island’s northeast shore. It accesses the gulf directly via the Marco River and is very conveniently placed. Sun King’s one-bedroom vacation rentals in Riverside Condos are very affordable.

Angler’s Cove 1-Bedroom Vacation Rentals

Angler's Cove rentalsIf you’re into tennis, pools, spa, and having a private boat dock, the Angler’s Cove Condos may be a perfect fit for you. They offer many 1-bedroom rentals in a fantastic location. Known as one of the most affordable options on the island, Angler’s Cove offers great amenities along with a great restaurant right on the marina, Dolphin Tiki.

Apollo Condos

Apollo Condos offer 72 wonderful 1-bedroom condos, making them one of the top choices for your Marco Island stay, whether you’re staying for days, weeks, or months. It’s as close as condos get to hotel rooms, only cheaper. Located right on Marco’s white sand beachfront, the Apollo has an on-site restaurant and is a short walk to many more.

Beach Club Condos

This condo community is perhaps the least dense one on Marco Island. The 50 air-conditioned condos that stretch across 4 floors are a walk away from the beach. Beach Club Condos are very affordable, especially if we’re talking about 1-bedroom rentals. You can actually stay as little as one night at Beach Club. They have an on-site booking desk.

One-Bedroom Condos Are Cozy But Comfortable

If you are travelling with a smaller crew, a 1-bedroom vacation rental on Marco Island is the ticket. Rent a beachfront condo or a place overlooking a marina. They’re all great. Sun King 1-bedroom vacation rentals are a comfortable, affordable choice for a memorable family vacation in a great location.

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