Jet Ski Rentals

Marco Island Jet Ski Rental

There are all kinds of adventures on Marco Island. If you’re looking for an exhilarating and unforgettable thing to do, look into Marco Island Jet Ski rentals. Below is your guide to the best ones.

Usually, you pay per hour. There are also Jet Ski tours which cost a little more, but let you see dolphins and some amazing spots in the region. Imagine an up-close encounter with a wild dolphin or manatee. It’ll be unforgettable. 

If speeding around the island on a Jet Ski, Waverunner, or Sea-Doo with wind and saltwater in your face perhaps does not fit your definition of fun, that’s ok. We have boat rentals on Marco Island too. Any way you slice it, Sun King will make sure your next Marco Island vacation is the best it can be.

Renting Jet Skis is Fun!

If you haven’t rented a Jet Ski before, you are missing out. They are an incredible ride, ask anyone who’s tried it. Marco Island is especially fun for Jet Ski adventures because the water is so clear and there are tons of cool spots you can visit.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Ten Thousand Islands from a Jet Ski. With an experienced guide, you can count on having a fun and safe adventure.

If you are staying at the Marriott hotel in Marco Island, ask for a deluxe Yamaha Waverunner rental.

Jet Skis Companies on Marco Island

There are several great Jet Ski companies on Marco Island. One of the best companies is Splittin’ Waves, which has been in this business for over a decade. They offer tours and their prices are competitive.

Full Throttle is also a great company, and they offer wave runner rental (unlike most of the competitors). Wave runners are very fast and have powerful engines. Dolphin Cove Marina is also a very solid company that offers boat rentals along with Waverunner tours. A few of the hotels on the beach rent Jet Skis as well.

Jet Ski Tours

Jet Ski tours on Marco Island are amazing. Whether you are riding a wave runner or trying out Sea-Doo rentals, you are going to have loads of fun with your friends and family. Marco Island is perfect for Jet Ski tours. The mangrove forests are like nothing else in the world. Occasionally, you’ll find dolphins fishing for breakfast among the mangroves.

For a safe tour, you need an experienced guide and quality Jet Skis. WOW Marco Island Jet Ski Tours and Rentals is a company that can provide both. They guarantee dolphin sightings, which are children’s favorites. You can choose from Cape Romano Dome House tours, the Ten Thousand Islands full experience, and the Goodland Islands tour. These tours are usually booked one day in advance, and there are time slots up until early afternoon hours.


Watercraft Age Restrictions

Jet Ski tours and rentals usually have age restrictions that vary from company to company. For example, Wow Marco Island tours and rentals have an age restriction of three years and above. Children younger than three can’t participate (or drink beer with everyone afterwards).

Some companies require you to be 18+ years old and have a boater safety course certificate to rent a Jet Ski.

How Many People Can Ride a Personal Watercraft?

Capacity varies from vessel to vessel. Sea-Doos can usually take three people because they are bulkier. Regular Jet Skis can usually carry up to 450 pounds, i.e. two people maximum.

How Fast Do Jet Skis Go?

An average Jet Ski has the maximum speed limit of around 60 miles per hour. Some of the fastest ones can go over 70 miles per hour, but you won’t likely find one of these in the rental fleet. There are also slower models which are capped at 40 miles per hour, and beginners may prefer these. Be sure to ask the rental company for the specific performance of your Jet Ski. If all this sound like a little bit too much excitement, choose a pontoon boat rental. You still get to see the dolphins with a little less adrenaline – not always a bad thing.

Pedal to the Metal

Jet Skis are extremely fun and easy to maneuver. There are so many great spots near Marco Island for sightseeing, you will probably want to do it again tomorrow.