The Boulevard

Excellent Food in a Cozy Atmosphere

Casual Fine Dining

The Boulevard is family owned and operated and used to be known to guests under its previous name, Philly Grille. The husband and wife team upgraded the old menu with a new focus on Italian flare. The “farm to table” philosophy ensures only the freshest ingredients are featured in every item on the menu.

The Boulevard’s founders Edgar and Bianca Perez earned a reputation of serving superior food with the highest level of service at the old restaurant and the new one carries on that legacy.


restaurant offers dinner service Monday through Saturday as of 5 p.m. in a casual environment. The menu includes meat, chicken, veal and fish plates. They offer budget-friendly items including salads, pasta and sandwiches. You can also pick from a rotating special of the night. Multiple vegetarian-friendly options are also available.

Full Wine and Beer List

Guests can enjoy several wine and beer options.

Great Reviews

The Boulevard has garnered great reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp highlight. The negative ones are limited to criticism of the absence of “kid-friendly” menu options and discontinued favorites. While the menu may lack a PB&J sandwich, some restaurants aren’t really for kids. Besides, The Boulevard does offer spaghetti. Kids like that, right? Other reviews express disappointment that menu items from the former Philly Grille are no longer available — especially the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. We think these are the reviews of a great restaurant. You can’t please everybody all of the time. If the worst thing anyone can say about a restaurant is “they stopped making a sandwich that I loved,” it must be a pretty damn good restaurant.

Private Parties

The Boulevard’s main dining room can be separated into a private area, making it an ideal restaurant to host private events. Guests can work with the owners to create a fully customizable menu.

The Sun King’s Review of The Boulevard

The Sun King loves The Boulevard. It has that quintessential Marco Island vibe that not every restaurant on the island can deliver. It’s difficult to put your finger on “the vibe,” but this place has it. The Sun King used to eat here for lunch two or three times a week when it was called Philly Grille. It was a great place to grab a salad or flatbread. Now, reinvented as The Boulevard, they have nailed it again. The Chef knows what he’s doing. The Sun King recently ordered the Salmon Carciofi and was flat-out blown away. The Sun Queen loved it as well. 

Besides enjoying the vibe of the dining room, The Boulevard is one of the Sun King’s “go-to” places for upscale takeout on vacation. The staff will package-up one of their masterpiece dishes for you to take back to your condo rental or house rental.

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