Marco Island Monthly Rentals

Snowbird Rentals

It seems like winters in North America are getting colder and snowier every year. Every year, more people living in the northern states prefer to rent condos or apartments on Marco Island where the high temperatures are in the 70s and 80s all winter.

Snowbirds, those that have decided to never spend another winter shovelling snow, find Marco Island the perfect winter retreat. The Marco Island winter is like the spring or fall in Chicago. Snowbirds fly south to Marco every January making it one of the most popular destinations. If you’re a snowbird or would like to become one, contact us and we’ll help you find the ideal Marco Island vacation properties.


Marco Island has relatively mild weather, and it doesn’t get very cold, even during the harshest winters. The lowest temperatures in January are around 50 degrees, while the day temperatures are around 75 degrees. So, if you are from up north, winter on Marco Island will feel like spring, and you won’t ever have to shovel snow or worry about heavy coats.

There are so many fun island activities you can enjoy during the winter, including hiking, fishing, kayaking, visiting famous landmarks, and even swimming. The prices for seasonal rentals are reasonable, and you can find condos and apartments with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Most condos on Marco Island have minimum rental requirements of 30 days. This allows Marco to maintain a residential atmosphere, with fewer short-term vacationers coming and going. The locals and snowbirds alike appreciate this. If you’re interested in a weekly rental, click here. We have those too.

Spend the Winter on Marco Island

Marco Island is hot and humid during the summer, just like the rest of Florida. It’s crowded with tourists looking for a summer adventure, so it’s ideal if you want to relax and enjoy long walks on the beach. The island is close to the city of Naples, famous for the beautiful nature that surrounds it. The entire area has 300 sunny days a year, so if you don’t cope well with gray skies and low temperatures, Florida is the place for you.

Since Marco Island is a popular tourist destination all year round, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy during the winter. Even if you are not an active person, you can enjoy the warm weather by sitting on the patio and reading a book or playing cards with your family. Collier County is beautiful, no matter where you go.

The people here are amiable, and they welcome tourists during the winter with open arms. The permanent population of 15,000-16,000 people grows to about 35,000 people during the winter. Marco Island is the perfect place for conducting business, organizing weddings or reunions, and more.

The Prices

Seasonal rentals are popular during the winter months. The prices vary depending on the type of property you want to rent. For example, a condo without pool access and other amenities will rent for as little as $2000 per month.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fully renovated 2-bedroom / 2-bath condo located on the beach, with a panoramic view of the ocean, prices start at around $5000 per month and even cross the $20,000 mark. The cost can vary significantly depending on the number of rooms you need and other features like a gym, heated pool, hot tub tennis courts and so on. Contact Sun King for some suggestions on the best values anywhere on the island.

Condos For Rent

Our beach condos get the most attention on Marco Island. Marco Beach is a pristine, crescent-shaped, white sand beach. It’s postcard-perfect. The sunsets are absolutely awe-inspiring. If you’ve never vacationed on Marco Island, we recommend you stay on the beach to get the flavor of the island.

Marco has other sorts of condos for rent too. The island is famous for its canals. Waterfront condos on Marco Island offer not only beautiful views but access to the Gulf by boat. If you’re a boater and would like to have easy access to fishing and fun, let us find the perfect waterfront condo for you.

If you’d like to spend the winter here but as inexpensively as possible, we have inland condos too. The term inland just means the condo isn’t on the water. It could be across the street from the beach or even off the island. Inland condos are a great way to enjoy the winter here without breaking the bank.

Homes For Rent

There are beachfront condos available for almost any budget. Sometimes a condo isn’t suitable though. For instance, if you have a larger pet, a condo won’t work. A Marco Island vacation home may. Vacation homes on Marco Island aren’t subject to condominium restrictions and many owners will allow you to bring your pet.

One of the great features common to almost all of the vacation homes on Marco Island is the private pool. Nearly every home on Marco has one. You can enjoy a level of privacy that you just can’t find at a hotel or condo. Some of the backyards of our vacation rentals are an absolute tropical paradise


All of Collier County is beautiful and welcoming. The locals are used to spending winters with thousands of people from the North and Midwest, and most snowbirds come back to the area every year. We love our friends from the frigid north and look forward to reacquainting ourselves every year.

Flying south for the winter is about more than just escaping the cold weather. Southwest Florida is a great place to spend time. The restaurants are great, the people are friendly and accommodating, there are plenty of activities you can try, and the climate is just perfect. The low winter sun is breathtaking in the afternoon, and you will be able to enjoy some incredible sunsets, especially if you rent a beach condo. There may be cheaper alternatives to Marco Island, but none of them is nearly as special.

Find Your Favorite Winter Escape

If you do plan on spending a month or the entire winter on Marco Island, you should start looking for accommodations right now. A true snowbird plans their trips ahead and always gets the best deals. If you want to return next year, you might even get a discount from a homeowner. One thing is certain – instead of a cold, snowy winter, you will enjoy warm, dry weather with spectacular views everywhere you turn.

Weekly and Monthly Rentals

Whether you’re visiting for a week, a month, or even longer, we have accommodations to suit you. While most condos on the beach require a minimum stay of 30 days, there are several that allow weekly rentals. Houses on the island are usually available for shorter stays too since the owners have full control. For now, the City and County have not imposed any restrictions regarding minimum stays. Monthly rentals are allowed in virtually every property on the island. Only a few luxury condos require 90-day minimum stays. Only one requires a minimum of a one-year lease.