Empire Bagel Factory

A Real Bagel Shop on Marco Island

The Best of New York

New York City is more than 1,000 thousand miles away but Empire Bagel Factory brings a slice of the “Big Apple” to Marco Island. The restaurant is co-owned by Rachel Oest, a native New Yorker along with Lucas Oest. The restaurant is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. daily.

Customers can purchase as little as one bagel for $1.25 or take advantage of discounts for larger orders. The choice of bagel flavors is vast and includes options like spinach, onion, and blueberry.

The on-site restaurant offers 
breakfast items with multiple options under $5. Lunch specials like a bagel sandwich with chips and a bottle of water are also available. Several desserts and snack options are showcased in the counter, including doughnuts and pastries.

Seating is somewhat limited so customers may have no option but to take their order to go. If a table is available, guests can also enjoy a coffee item on the 


Empire Bagel Factory is located at 277 N Collier Blvd on Marco Island. This puts it within a few minutes bike ride from any beach condo or just a short stroll from 
South Seas, Admiralty House and Sunset House condominiums.

Reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp consistently highlight the friendly service and high-quality ingredients.

Empire Bagel Factory has been serving customers for more than two decades and passed ownership four times.

The Sun King’s Review of Empire Bagels

The Sun King loves bagels. Empire Bagels makes good ones. At one time, the Sun King was on a bagel kick and had to have one of Empire’s Cinnamon and Raisin bagels at least once a week, with butter – and a Coke. As the Sun Queen likes the Sun King’s heart beating, this practice was curtailed, limited, reduced and minimized in favor of more fruit. Still, the Sun King enjoys an occasional Empire Bagel. If he was on 
vacation like you are, he would go to Empire at least once or twice and worry about the fruit when he got home.

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